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Our Story  

Step into the world of beauty at Phenomenal Hair Salon, founded by the esteemed stylist Natica Mosely-Wills. Our opulent setting sets the stage for unparalleled beauty treatments. With convenience as our mantra, our expert stylists, continuously educated by industry leaders, are dedicated to ensuring you both look and feel your absolute best in our warm and professional atmosphere. Your satisfaction reigns supreme. Come visit us and discover the remarkable difference at Phenomenal Hair Salon.

Our Salon Suites

SUITES PHENOMENAL HAIR SALON Operates as a collective of independent contractors, each stylist running their unique business within our luxurious salon suites. This model empowers our talented professionals to showcase their individual expertise, style, and client-focused services. By fostering a collaborative environment, we ensure that each stylist has the freedom to thrive and create their own salon experience, delivering exceptional service tailored to your unique beauty needs. Recognizing the importance of compatibility, personality, and artistic skills in selecting the right hairdresser, we encourage you to freely explore all our cosmetologists. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and there's no need to feel embarrassed or intimidated if you wish to choose another cosmetologist.

PHENOMENAL HAIR SALON IS LOCATED INSIDE SUITES BY PHENOMENAL HAIR SALON SUITE 77B however; you need an appointment?  Let us match you with the perfect stylist for your unique experience.


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