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Luxury Hair Care

Luxury Hair Maintenance:

Wash the hair before installation. Hair should be washed in a downward motion using warm water. Comb through prior to washing. Shampoo the hair at least 2 times per month. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair. When detangling hair, start from the tips and work upward little by little. Excessive blow-drying not recommended. Use sulfate-free products to get the maximum use out of the hair. Stay away from grease or greasy like substances on the hair as it will cause build up and create a “wiggy” appearance. Instead, use a light serum similar to Argan or Morrocan oil. If you experience dry scalp we recommend oil treatments or consult a professional stylist. Restrict use of alcohol-based products such as spritz and/or gel as it may dry out the hair as well as shorten the longevity of the hair. Style. 2-strand twist or braid wavy and curly hair at night, before swimming or exercising. For curlier styles, The Bundle Boutique recommends using flexi-rods or the pineapple method to preserve the curls.

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